GIS for Caves and Karst

Inventory Collection and Data Management

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Timpanogos Cave National Monument uses GIS to create detailed maps of the cave system.

ArcGIS provides tools to collect inventory data that is directly stored in a GIS database. With ArcGIS on portable laptops or ArcPad on handheld devices, you can take GIS data with you aboveground or belowground to collect field data and inventories while integrating them with GPS measurements.

Data collection and management tools scale to meet user needs, from individuals to workgroups and large multiuser enterprises. ArcGIS supports a wide variety of standard vector and raster sources and includes data import and export utilities to work with many other formats. These capabilities provide integration and interoperability with many other products and offer complete flexibility in workflow support.

Success Stories

Learn how cave and karst organizations use GIS for inventory collection and data management.

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