GIS for Caves and Karst

Mapping and Visualization

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GIS technology allows scientists to create geological cross sections and map subsurface features in 3D.

ArcGIS provides tools for interactive mapping and map production, including the creation of high-quality cartographic map products for caves and other karst features. A variety of publishing tools and options allow you to export and print maps for on-screen visualization, Web publishing, and hard-copy distribution.

With ArcGIS 3D Analyst, you can visualize and model data in three dimensions, giving a realistic perspective to your data. By viewing your data in 3D, you can identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent in a 2D view. You can also identify subsurface features along with terrain, surface structures, and infrastructure such as utilities and pipelines.

Success Stories

Learn how cave and karst organizations use GIS for mapping and visualization.

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