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Terra Echos
In this podcast, Alex Philp, president of TerraEchos, talks about Adelos S4's motion analysis capabilities

Many innovative applications, solutions, and workflows for defense, intelligence, and national security come from Esri Partners.

You can see their inventive work using Esri software here every week as the companies take turns presenting a series of podcasts, webinars, and case studies about their technology and what it offers. Check back frequently to see what's new.

The first Esri Partner to showcase its technology is TerraEchos, based in Missoula, Montana. TerraEchos developed Adelos S4, a measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) solution to detect possible threats. Adelos collects, processes, analyzes, and transmits massive amounts of data in milliseconds, producing a next-generation solution for surveillance and intelligence missions.

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Interview with Alex Philp, President, TerraEchos

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