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The Geospatially Enabled Enterprise

Enterprise-Level Web-Based GIS for Multiple Bases and Map Services

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GIS Tools for Defense

Esri offers a range of specialized tools for defense and intelligence organizations.

National security, national intelligence, and defense organizations are moving from independent, stand-alone geospatial systems to integrated enterprise systems that share resources, data, and applications. In short, stove-pipe, single purpose systems are being replaced by multipurpose, integrated applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

A geospatially enabled enterprise uses your existing network and supports your core business and mission needs by leveraging geographic information.

With a geospatially enabled enterprise, you can

  • Provide a common infrastructure for building and deploying geospatial solutions.
  • Extend geospatial capabilities to non-traditional users.
  • Improve the capabilities of other enterprise systems by leveraging the value of geospatial information.
  • Use geospatial technology consistently across your organization and increase overall operating efficiency.

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