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Logistics, the process of efficiently moving materials from many suppliers and contractors to the warfighter, is an ancient science with an essential geographic component—where is it? With GIS, decision makers, commanders, and supply personnel can monitor the progress of critical supplies from source to destination and everything in between.

The ArcGIS platform provides a framework to support business decisions at every level of command, and GIS software integrates seamlessly into the flow of daily business activities. The open, interoperable ArcGIS platform allows you to capture, manage, disseminate, analyze, and visualize geospatial information, all the key factors in efficient installation management and operations.

Featured Solutions

IRRIS from GeoDecisions, a division of Gannett Fleming, Inc., is an enterprise Web portal that supports transportation security and logistic management for large organizations with critical supply management needs. The system integrates and displays worldwide infrastructure data, live-vehicle tracking, near real-time weather, and active route conditions in a map format through a single, secure interface. IRRIS draws transportation infrastructure information from more than 400 datasets, providing current data on roads, bridges, tunnels, road conditions, construction, and traffic incidents.

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