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Spring 2014

Esri News for Education, published twice a year, provides the GIS education community with pathways to insightful stories and information.

Penn State Opens Up GIS Education to the World

Penn State Opens Up GIS Education to the World

While online education is at the cutting edge of classroom initiatives, the original concept of distance learning dates back nearly 300 years.
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ArcUser, Winter, 2013-14

3 Converging Global Trends Provide Opportunities for GIS as a Critical 21st Century Educational Tool

Joseph J. Kerski Three converging global trends provide great opportunities for GIS as a tool and as a perspective for use at all levels of education.
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The Undead Liven Up the Classroom

Geospatial analysis GIS educators face unique challenges regarding the teaching of geospatial analysis. Read More »
ArcUser, Summer 2013

Educational Researchers (Who Think Spatially) Are My Heroes

Educational Researchers Using GIS to analyze educational research or educational policy data while not new isn’t, necessarily the most common application of GIS in higher education.
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GIS Education Community, March 2014

Next-gen Map Apps Open World of Geography to Kids

Next-gen Map Apps Open World of Geography to Kids Next-gen touchscreen apps are helping kids transform yesteryear’s maps into digital time-warps to Australia’s cartographic past. Read More »
Tasmanian Times, December 2013

University Boosts Student Recruitment with GIS Analysis

University Boosts Student Recruitment with GIS Analysis The University of Northampton is using spatial analysis to deepen its understanding of student applications, enrolments and graduate employment data.
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ThinkGIS, Spring 2013

Controlling Growth from the Inside

Beaufort County School District Beaufort County School District is located south of Charleston, South Carolina, and serves all students within the county.
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ArcUser, Winter 2013-14

Studying at ITC to Kick-Start an International Career

Studying at ITC GIS has changed Nino Kheladze's life in ways that she could not imagine.
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ArcNews, Winter 2013-14

There’s More to Spatial Thinking Than You Think

There's More to Spatial Thinking If you are a geography educator or GIS professional, you might say that “spatial thinking” is a way of reasoning about the world, facilitated by maps.
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Esri Insider, January 2013

Colorado Cub Scout Opts for ArcGIS Online Over Paper Map to Track Popcorn and Pretzel Sales

Joshua Perry What's great about working with Esri ArcGIS Online? It gives us a new way to collect, analyze, organize, and empower spatial data.
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ArcWatch, November 2013

The GeoSpatial Semester

The GeoSpatial Semester Does the United States have enough properly equipped airports to monitor all of its borders with drones?
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GIS Education Community, January 2014