GIS for Elections and Redistricting

Data Resources

Authoritative data is critical to determining optimal district and precinct boundaries. Esri’s rich data resources can be integrated with existing state, county, local GIS data to create a dynamic picture of a region.

Get a head start on redistricting with Esri’s technology and data—then, continue to use this valuable information throughout the decade to improve decision making in election management, legislation, and more.

  • allows you to share your redistricting maps with the public or with select groups.
  • Esri's 2010/2015 Updated Demographics provide reliable current-year estimates and five-year forecasts of trends and population, including more than 2,000 data variables.
  • Esri data will include complete 2010 U.S. Census Data upon its release, which incorporates more than 4,700 demographic data variables on the distribution and characteristics of the U.S. population.
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