GIS for Elections and Redistricting

GIS Solutions for Redistricting and Reprecincting

Redistricting and Precinct Allocation

GIS analysis provides in-depth look at demographics.

Redrawing district and precinct lines to ensure balanced representation is a critical yet complex task. Using GIS mapping technology, Esri data, and the latest available Census data, state and local governments can prototype multiple redistricting scenarios quickly and easily before finalizing new boundaries.

Once you have the data you need for redistricting, continue to make the most of it throughout the year. With GIS you can manage and update voter data, including constituent information, and spatially analyze issues for improved decision making.

Use GIS to better understand the factors at work in a region, improve collaboration, and provide optimal districts.

Success Stories

Technology Opens Redistricting Process, CSG Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2012

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