GIS for Environmental Management

Ecosystem Management

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Remote sensing reveals protected forests not so protected.

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Conservation GIS

The Society for Conservation GIS supports the use of GIS and science for conservation of natural resources and cultural change.

Case Study Podcasts

Preserving Biodiversity—By Dr. Peter Raven, director of the Missouri Botanical Gardens

Protecting Caves—By William Elliott, cave biologist, Missouri Department of Conservation

Assess and monitor resources, human need, ecological impact, and sustainable management practices. Environment can change quickly and, therefore, require fast and intelligent decision making and deployment of resources. Adapt to changing needs, monitor dynamic impact, locate and rate hot spots using data modeling, spatial analysis, and visualization tools. Meet your goals and objectives quickly with GIS and improve decision making at international, national, and community levels.

GIS for Ecosystem Management

  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Management tools such as conservation & protection, restoration, sustainable management legislation, certification
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Ecosystem Economics & Accounting such as payments for ecosystem services, incentives & financing mechanisms, valuation, equity & fairness principles
  • Governance
  • Capacity-building & technology support

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