GIS for Environmental Management


ArcGIS for Situational Awareness
Common Operation Picture (COP) Viewer is a rich Internet mapping application provided with ArcGIS for Situational Awareness.

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How Is GIS Being Used?

Read presentations from the 2009 Esri International User Conference.

Public Safety and Disaster Management

Esri provides GIS solutions for public safety and emergency/disaster management.

No other technology allows the visualization of an emergency or disaster situation as effectively as GIS. It helps decision makers base decisions on data they can see and judge for them.

GIS supports situational awareness by
  • Providing a geographic context of the situation through a map
  • Accessing dynamic data fields from sensors, cameras, and other devices with real- or near real-time data
  • Leveraging geographic analysis data developed during planning for operational use

GIS is a core component of situational awareness for the common operational picture (COP) used in both daily and response operation. When disaster occurs, you can use GIS to quickly visualize relevant content, produce incident action plans, assess damage, and share information.

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