Citizen Engagement

As citizens increasingly expect transparency and accountability from government, Esri is helping governments provide a window into operations, services, spending, and planning. GIS also gives the public a way to participate via reporting and idea generation.

Displaying information on maps provides an ideal way for government and citizens to communicate with each other. Putting best ideas forward, revealing processes, and gathering input from the public through maps delivers the clarity and access citizens expect.

To foster confidence in government with maps you can

  • Create apps in-house with Esri resources
  • Work with Esri Partners
  • Expose your data so others can build apps that serve citizens

Learn more about improving citizen engagement with GIS.

Success Stories

These stories show how governments are using GIS to engage citizens

7 Emerging Trends in Citizen Engagement
Learn how governments are using place as an enabler for successful citizen engagement.

Extend the Reach of Your GIS
New tools help government engage the public with dynamic, easy-to-use maps.

Encouraging Citizen Engagement
The City of Glendale, California, adopts a cloud-based citizen reporting platform.

Getting Smart with Public Comments
Web map and smartphone app capture public feedback for bicycle and pedestrian master plan.

Planning 2.0 in Montgomery County, Maryland
Online forest easement map provides transparency and supports feedback.

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