GIS for Schools


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Schools can use GIS for more than just classroom instruction.

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Educational Licenses

Our educational licenses offer unique programs that allow schools to acquire GIS software.

Effectively managing a school district requires a geographic perspective and geographic tools.

Geographic information ranges in scale from the community and its characteristics to the micro geography of a school and its components. Students, for instance, have geographic locations, including home addresses, homeroom numbers, and the buses they ride, and unique characteristics such as Student Information System (SIS) standards of grade level, subjects, grades, attendance, test scores, lunch programs, and special needs.

Operating schools and districts also requires overseeing buildings and grounds, ensuring safety, and transporting students and materials. Doing so efficiently requires integrating and sharing information for better planning and decision making. How does GIS provide solutions to help administrators accomplish these goals?

Administrative Applications

Administrators can use GIS to support

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