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Adding GIS technology and spatial thinking to STEM courses is changing classrooms and careers.
STEM Map Gallery
This ArcGIS Online gallery shows how GIS can be used in any STEM field.
GIS and Careers
Including GIS in your CTE program will increase your students' career opportunities.

Geographic information systems can help learners of all ages understand the world around them. GIS helps students and educators engage in studies that promote critical thinking, integrated learning, and multiple intelligences at any grade.

In classrooms around the world, educators are using GIS to study geography, earth science, history, math, language arts, and more. Students can engage in important career and technical education (CTE) at the same time that they build a background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Service learning and field-based research activities help students be active in their communities and address local problems large and small.

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Introductory Materials

These documents explore the incorporation of GIS and geographic concepts in the classroom:

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how educators use GIS as a tool for academic instruction.

Explore various demos, literature, and books.

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