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Facilities Management

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GIS ties exterior and interior 3D campus visualization to real-world geography for critical spatial analysis.

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Educational Licenses

Our educational licenses offer unique programs that allow schools to acquire GIS software.

Administrative Applications

Schools and school districts are physical entities. They are a mix of real property, structural assets, and infrastructure. These entities have spatial footprints, interiors, and life cycles that can be managed with GIS. GIS provides a geographic context for your facilities and helps you in areas such as:

  • Interior and exterior asset management.
  • Infrastructure mapping and analysis.
  • Facility siting and suitability analysis.
  • Real estate portfolio management.
  • Building Interior Modeling (BIM) and CAD integration.
  • Space utilization and optimization.
  • Work order management.
  • Safety/security planning and response.
  • Green facilities planning and management.

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how administrators use GIS to plan, operate, and sustain educational facilities and campuses.

Visit these sites to see examples of campus and facilities GIS data and applications:

Find out more about GIS for facilities.

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