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Policy Makers and Researchers

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Maps of student performance like the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) map above and others for districts such as in Wisconsin offer telling geographic stories.

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Policy makers need geographic tools and strategies to visualize and analyze critical data about needs, expenditures, performance, and compliance. Data-driven decision making is becoming a standard within the frame of national efforts such as the Common Core State Standards Initiatives and No Child Left Behind.

From local to national levels, GIS helps researchers, policy makers, and statisticians investigate and understand trends and relationships.

Educational policy and research areas well suited for GIS include

  • Student, school, and district performance
  • Teacher-student ratios
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Per-pupil spending
  • Free/Reduced lunch recipients
  • Distribution of federal funds
  • Comparisons between states, districts, and schools
  • Relationships between educational data and community attributes

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how policy makers and researchers use GIS.

Explore various demos, literature, and books.

Visit these user sites for examples of applications for researchers and policy makers:

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