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OrangeOrange Slovensko, Slovakia
Before Orange SK developed its location-based services in 2003, Orange’s due diligence team put several competitive geospatial solutions through a series of acceptance tests to validate reliability and performance. In addition, a top priority for Orange was to find an Internet mapping solution that was inexpensive, simple to maintain, standardized, easy to use, and easily replicated. Esri’s ArcIMS and ArcSDE were the answer, saving Orange SK significant engineering time and investment while meeting performance requirements.

Orange SK uses ArcIMS and ArcSDE to power a suite of location-based information and tracking services. Mobile users access these services through Orange’s subscriber portal on the Web and through their mobile phones via short messaging services and mobile Internet (WAP). The company’s Yellow and White Pages information services help subscribers find nearby ATMs, hotels, fuel stations, restaurants, service workshops, and hospitals as well as residence locations of their friends. Subscribers also use Orange’s mobile tracking service to locate other mobile users and exchange short and multimedia messages with them.

VIPnet logoVIPnet, Croatia
VIPnet, the largest GSM carrier in Croatia, has used Esri software for its location-based service offerings since 2001. At that time, VIPnet’s main challenge was to find an Internet mapping and spatial database solution capable of storing and accessing digital atlases for 34 major cities with 270,000 addresses and 7,000 settlements as well as geocoded information content for more than 15,000 spatial objects in 200 categories.

With ArcSDE, VIPnet was able to meet the database requirements, and with ArcIMS, VIPnet built services that allow subscribers to retrieve local information for nearby restaurants, banks, post offices, pools, and other points of everyday interest. Delivered under the VIP.navigator brand, subscribers access content through various channels including short messaging services, mobile Internet (WAP), voice, and the Web through VIPnet’s subscriber portal. Today, VIPnet’s location-based information services and game applications serve more than 200,000 LBS subscribers.


Infrastructure Solution Providers

Telenity is a leading global provider of open, standards-based Canvas™ multimedia messaging gateways, location enabling servers, and a suite of market ready mobile Internet, messaging, and location-based applications. The Canvas platform supports Parlay/OSA, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), 3GPP/3GPP2, and Open GIS standards. Esri’s ArcSDE and ArcIMS are bundled into the Telenity Canvas Location-Enabling Server offering and serve as the main geoprocessing engine of the platform. In addition to the core Canvas Location Enabling Server, Telenity also offers market ready applications that use Esri functionality. Telenity’s Resource Tracking and Management System and Buddy/People Finder applications are integrated with rich map content and messaging for instant revenue generation.

Before Telenity could choose a geospatial technology vendor to complement its complete LBS offering, it needed to find a partner capable of responding to customer needs in any region of the world. Telenity’s use of ArcSDE and ArcIMS helps the company manage localized requirements and deploy Internet mapping features into location enabling servers and applications wherever business opportunities arise. The result is increased deployment efficiency, faster time to market, and higher cost savings passed on to Telenity’s wireless carrier customers.


Application Developers

DS Waters [PDF], a producer and distributor of bottled water products in more than 30 states, is using Aligo's WorkTrack mobile workforce application and Esri's ArcWeb Services to view and analyze data. Paperwork has been eliminated, data can be tracked in real time, and customers can be told the information they need such as where the field delivery technicians are.

A recipient of Esri's "Special Achievement in GIS" award,
Air–Trak is a leading mobile resource management provider. By equipping employees with a phone, laptop, or vehicle equipped with the Air-Trak service, businesses can track and locate employees, manage work orders and job tasks, message and route drivers, receive event confirmation and exception alerts, etc. With features and reports for managers at all levels of a business enterprise, the innovative and flexible solution can be used as a stand-alone application or easily integrated with existing business applications and operations. The end result is increased productivity, efficiency, and safety for small, medium, and enterprise-sized organizations. In addition to working with businesses across a wide range of industries, Air-Trak has experience meeting the needs of state and local governments.

Air-Trak uses Esri's ArcGIS for Server and Engine for map data resulting in easy integration with other systems. Air-Trak also interfaces with several versions of ArcLogistics for back-office mapping, routing, dispatching, and fleet logistics.

Trackwell is a leading provider of personal locator and enterprise tracking and dispatching applications deployed throughout several wireless carrier sites in western Europe. As part of Trackwell’s architecture, ArcSDE and ArcIMS play a crucial role, providing mapping and geoprocessing functionality for Buddy Finder, Child Finder, and Fleet Tracker. These applications build on common GIS tracking and mapping capabilities but contain application-specific features for managing privacy, assigning business rules, and integrating customer relationship management (CRM) processes and databases.

Trackwell uses Esri's ArcSDE and ArcIMS to handle all its GIS and mapping requirements, freeing resources to focus on communication functions of the application and develop integration features for mobile messaging and gateway infrastructure. The result for Trackwell is cost savings, reduced time to market, and a satisfied customer base that trusts and depends on Trackwell for value-added services.

Navtrak offers an affordable, easy-to-use real-time AVL and mobile tracking management tool set for the enterprise and business markets. The Navtrak tool set includes vehicle status, communications, reports, playback, maintenance, and mapping interfaces. All six user interfaces are seamlessly integrated to provide dispatchers with real-time vehicle diagnostics, messaging, location and work order histories, administrative functions, and mapping capabilities.

Navtrak's use of Esri's ArcLogistics for mapping and routing requirements allows the company to focus on the business logistics functions of the application. The result for Navtrak is development cost savings that subsequently drive down end user prices, making the application affordable for any size enterprise.


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