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Winter 2013

50th Anniversary of GIS

50th Anniversary of GIS

Some events, like birthdays, weddings, and graduations, are easy to mark on the calendar. Others, like the beginning of a social movement or a language - or the invention of GIS technology - are harder to pinpoint. However, the confluence of three pivotal events in 1962 and 1963 makes this as good a time as any to celebrate a half-century of GIS.
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European Environment Agency Receives Prestigious Honor at Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference

European Environment Agency Receives Prestigious Honor at Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference European Environment Agency (EEA) was awarded a top honor at Rio+20 when its Eye on Earth environmental application, based on ArcGIS Online and developed with the assistance of Microsoft, was chosen as a solution for the prestigious Sustainia100. EEA is responsible for ensuring the quality of environmental information for 38 European Union (EU) states. EEA helps EU and its member countries make informed decisions about improving the environment, integrating environmental considerations into economic policies, and moving toward sustainability. Read More »

Mapping a Mission to Mars: GIS Aids in Planning the Terrestrial Phase of Mars Science Laboratory Mission

Mapping a Mission to Mars Mission planners at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) hugged, hollered, and high-fived when the most sophisticated scientific instrument in the history of interplanetary exploration gently landed on the Red Planet last August. The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) - a compact-car-sized rover designed to roam an ancient impact crater searching for clues to Mars' dynamic history - marks the seventh successful landing of a NASA craft on the planet. Outfitted with state-of-the-art optics and sensors, MSL will collect and transmit data back to earth for two years - perhaps even longer. Read More »

GIS Day Celebrated around the World

GIS Day On November 14, 2012, GIS Day provided an international forum for users of geographic information system (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in society. The first official GIS Day took place in 1999. Esri president and cofounder Jack Dangermond credits environmental activist Ralph Nader with inspiring the creation of the annual event. Nader considered GIS Day a good means for people to learn about geography and the uses of GIS. He wanted GIS Day to be a grassroots effort and open to everyone to participate.
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3D Mapping and Lidar

Taking 3D Models to the Streets

Greater Geelong, Victoria, Australia The city of Greater Geelong, Victoria, Australia, is located 75 kilometers southwest of Melbourne. Staff at Greater Geelong needed to complete a comprehensive inventory of 25,000 road signs and 90,000 street trees in an efficient and timely manner. Read More »

Transform 2D Data into 3D City Models Faster with Esri CityEngine 2012

Esri CityEngine 2012 Esri CityEngine 2012, the latest version of Esri's software to create smart 3D city models, is now available. Esri improved CityEngine with a new graphic user interface and refined workflow designed to speed transformation of 2D GIS data into smart 3D cities. In addition, 3D city scenes can be shared directly through custom URLs, in ArcGIS Online, or on web servers of private organizations. Read More »


Enterprise GIS Key to General Mitchell International Airport's Management Success

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's General Mitchell International Airport long struggled with a series of systems to manage its operations, which ranged from computer applications to an established set of forms and logs. Read More »


Over the Edge 3D: Mapping Death in the Grand Canyon

Over the Edge 3D: Mapping Death in the Grand Canyon A blog entry explores a little of the design, authoring, and publishing approaches taken in creating this map of all known deaths in the Grand Canyon. Actually, it's two maps: a print map and a web map. The blogger examines the different design and technical constraints that were encountered and the opportunities leveraged with the different mediums to make each version work effectively as an information product. Also included are the style files and other components so you can try out some of the cartographic effects yourself.
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Esri Story Maps Win International Map Industry Association Conference Awards

Esri Story Maps Esri is pleased to announce that Esri Story Maps won the Gold Medal award for Best Digital Map Product and Best Overall Map Product at the International Map Industry Association (Americas) conference. The Esri Story Maps application was honored for its ability to serve maps and accurate demographic information covering a wide range of topics, along with its well-crafted cartography. Read More »

More Adventures in Overlay: Splitting Polygons with Cartographic Spaghetti

Splitting Polygons with Cartographic Spaghetti In his previous blog post about overlay, the author explained how to create simple tabulation tables using a variety of geoprocessing tools. In this new post, he continues to discuss overlay, introducing an often useful methodology that involves the creation and subsequent detangling of something old-schoolers call cartographic spaghetti. More on This Blog »


Understanding Earth Changes with Landsat Viewers

Understanding Earth Changes with Landsat Viewers When you work with massive datasets such as Landsat, one of the obstacles encountered early on is how to make the data accessible in an easily digestible format. Landsat users want to find the information they are looking for, extract it, and move on to their work, solving some of the most complex problems affecting our society today. There are two Landsat viewers available online that help users do just that - the LandsatLook Viewer from US Geological Survey (USGS) and the ChangeMatters Viewer from Esri.
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Nautical Solutions

QPS Bundles Esri Technology for Bathymetric, Charting, and Survey Solution

Quality Positioning Services (QPS) has signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Esri, the world leader in GIS technology. The agreement enables QPS to bundle its QINSy and Fledermaus products with Esri software and provide a complete hydrographic survey, data management, and charting solution.
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Improving Efficiency of Nautical Charting

Improving Efficiency of Nautical Charting The Marine Chart Division (MCD) at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Coast Survey (OCS) is responsible for the production of navigational products that are used by mariners to navigate safely and efficiently in US waters. Read More »

Esri's Ocean GIS Initiative:
A Commitment to Understanding Our Oceans

Esri's Ocean GIS Initiative: A Commitment to Understanding Our Oceans On a planet where 71 percent of the surface is covered by water, the oceans are critical to sustaining life. They feed us, regulate our weather patterns, supply over half the oxygen that we breathe, and provide for our energy and economy. Yet only 5 to 10 percent of the ocean floor and the waters beneath the surface have been explored and mapped in detail similar to what already exists for Mars, Venus, and the dark side of the moon. Read More »

Spatial Data Infrastructure

European Cities Are Getting Warmer

European Cities Are Getting Warmer Less than 24 hours after the European Environment Agency (EEA) posted an interactive web map on its Eye on Earth website, the map had received more than 100,000 views, indicating the interest that people, regardless of their location, have in the impact of global climate change on weather patterns. Read More »

Geography: A Platform for Understanding

Geography: A Platform for Understanding Geography is a platform for understanding the world. GIS is making geography come alive. It condenses our data, information, and science into a language format that we can easily understand: maps. Using geography as a platform allows geographic knowledge to be shared, enabling widespread access and use of GIS. Read More »


World Topographic Map's New Design

World Topographic Map's New Design In mid-November 2012, the ArcGIS Online team published the first part of the World Topographic Map in its new design. The initial rollout has global coverage from 1:591 m down to 1:72 k. At scales larger than 1:72 k, you'll see the old design for much of the world. Read More »