Map, Chart, and Data Production

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Map, Chart, and Data Workflow

An effective workflow for map, chart and data production organizations provides solutions for collecting, managing, producing, and sharing your data. The ArcGIS suite, which leverages geodatabase technology, provides the tools map, chart and data production organizations need to complete their missions.


GIS can help you collect and perform QA/QC activities on a variety of data formats including map and text documents, vector and CAD data, imagery and raster data, photogrammetry, and GPS and field survey data.

The ability to integrate these disparate data formats and sources allows you to produce diverse map products that can display different types of data in a single document.


GIS provides a powerful framework for managing your data and databases. With GIS, you can manage large volumes of data while maintaining cartographic specifications.

Geodatabase technology allows you to manage data and data models specific to your requirements while fusing data from multiple sources. These tools allow you to edit data in its native format as you receive it, which helps you ensure that the data is compliant with your specifications from the beginning.


GIS provides a full suite of tools that allow you to analyze, report, visualize, model, and produce data and map products.

In addition to powerful cartographic tools and policies, GIS allows you to create map, data, and chart products from a centralized location that anyone in your agency can access. You can also automate workflows such as data editing and analysis to improve your production throughput.


GIS is more than just a framework for collecting, managing, and producing data and map products. GIS also provides a flexible platform for sharing and distributing maps, charts, data, metadata, Web services, and geoportals.

With GIS, you can disseminate your map, chart, and data products in hard copy and digital format, on the desktop, or over the Web.


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