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GIS is ideal for integrating various exploration datasets such as geophysical images, geochemistry, geologic maps, radiometric surveys, boreholes, and mineral deposits. GIS gives the explorationist tools to manage, display, and analyze data, resulting in successful, cost-effective discovery of new mineral deposits.

Featured Solutions

Target for ArcGIS from Geosoft, built on Geosoft's industry-leading Oasis montaj software, simplifies the visualization and analysis of subsurface drillhole and borehole geology data within your Esri GIS environment. Target for ArcGIS processes large-volume drillhole data with ease and generates professional-quality maps for presentation, adding powerful spatial data mapping and processing capabilities to your GIS. Create, re-create, and display subsurface data in plans, sections, and graphic logs within Esri's ArcMap (in 2D or 3D) from drillholes to sections, grids, geophysical models, voxels, and graphic strip logs and from boreholes to wells and monitoring stations.

RockWare GIS Link from RockWare allows users to generate RockWorks cross sections, profiles, and fence diagrams using ArcMap and RockWorks14 as well as strip logs, contour maps (ground surface and structural elevations), and isopach maps. RockWorks has long been the standard in the petroleum, environmental, geotechnical, and mining industries for subsurface data visualization because of popular tools such as maps, logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models, and volumetrics.

FlexiCadastre from Spatial Dimensions uses a business-rule and workflowcentric approach to facilitate the efficient administration of mineral title in multiple or single jurisdictions. Using a Web portal for data management and reporting, advanced task management, configurable business logic, best-of-breed GIS technologies, and innovative concepts, FlexiCadastre is a world leader in mineral rights management solutions.

FlexiCadastre is the software of choice for both government agencies and mineral resource companies wanting to implement integrated mineral rights management solutions.

The aim of FlexiCadastre is to manage and facilitate the complex workflows required for the efficient administration of mineral title. FlexiCadastre is designed to achieve this through the scheduling and management of rule-based workflows and actions.

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