GIS for Petroleum

Field Geology

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Clover Point Cartographics combines geologic field survey data to create maps for natural resource exploration.

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GIS improves efficiency in the field by helping you find oil and gas with less waste and less surface disturbance. You can also use it to consider location, sources and receivers, and the time and labor needed for extraction.

Basin Analysis

You can use GIS to appraise
  • Metocean data
  • Ice studies
  • Geotechnical data
  • Earthquake seismicity
  • Coastal-seabed data
  • Geophysical studies
  • Well positioning
Use GIS to perform seismic interpretation and data analysis
  • Gridding and contouring
  • Geologic features: Faults, depositional environment
  • Grid manipulation: Thickness, risk, and so forth
  • Prospects: Size, volume, attributes

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