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Connect with Esri partners that have expert knowledge of how GIS works with your business. Together, we'll help you integrate the technology, products, and services to meet your needs.

For nearly two decades, Esri clients have been using GIS to help find and produce oil and gas; GIS has been especially applied in the areas of lease management, regional evaluation, and play and prospect analysis.

Featured Solutions

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS), part of Schlumberger, is in the business of creating solutions that change the way exploration and production (E&P) teams work together so they can make smarter decisions and achieve better business results. SIS is an operating unit of Schlumberger providing software, information management, and IT infrastructure and consulting services, enabling oil and gas companies to drive business success.

SIS further expands value to its clients by bringing together best-of-breed, market-leading E&P subsurface, information management, and GIS technologies. It provides workflow integration with solutions from Esri with the following key offerings in its strategy: Petrel* seismic-to-simulation software, ProSource* E&P data management software, DecisionPoint* enabling technology for E&P Web workflow solutions, Seabed* advanced E&P data store system, Finder* master data management system, and SmartView master database mapping application.

In addition, SIS is the exclusive reseller to the oil and gas market of MetaCarta geographic search and referencing technologies, which complement the basic functionality of GIS by adding specific geotagging capabilities for placing geographic references to unstructured data maps.


IHS Energy from IHS is the world's leading provider of upstream and midstream data for the oil and gas (O/G) industries. In conjunction with O/G data expertise, IHS Energy has standardized on Esri products and provides clients with GIS tools, technology, and services that support their data access, integration, and management needs, maximizing their investment in Esri GIS technology.

IHS Energy provides its data in a number of ways for users:

1. IHS Energy hosts data in an ArcIMS environment, allowing clients real-time access to the most current data available.

2. IHS Energy has created a number of commercial ArcSDE layers (spatial layers) from various databases that are available to subscribers for use with ArcGIS for Desktop.

IHS Energy has built a toolkit that leverages the power of ArcGIS by building, editing, and synchronizing ArcSDE layers from multiple commercial and proprietary sources. A key benefit of this toolkit is that when data refreshes in an ArcSDE layer, the layer itself does not have to be rebuilt, saving users a lot of time.



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