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A waterway manager improves business planning and savings by integrating GIS with a resource planning solution.

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Designing Geodatabases for Transportation details enterprise GIS design for managing transport systems.

Maritime administrations, maritime shipping companies, and inland waterway managers need an efficient way to consolidate and coordinate resource planning, vessel movement, and safety management systems.

GIS integrates spatial information with existing information systems to improve the way you see and analyze operations. With centralized access to all asset and security data, you can more efficiently track and coordinate vessel movements and use tools for analyses such as identifying security hot spots.

Esri Nautical Solution includes tools for quality control, cartographic product generation, and workflow management. It enables high-volume production and maintenance of standard Digital Nautical Chart databases from a variety of sources (hard-copy charts, Vector Product Format, bathymetric survey information, imagery, and various raster formats).

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