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Use GIS as an integrator for port facility management.

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Designing Geodatabases for Transportation details enterprise GIS design for managing transport systems.

Port managers face diverse challenges that require access to detailed, up-to-date information and careful analysis to produce optimal results.

GIS gives managers a visual overview of port operations with access to data held in a variety of formats. It also provides solutions that give a decisive competitive advantage. Esri tools for modeling and analysis help improve the coordination of a variety of activities, from container tracking to real estate management to security camera placement and monitoring.

The ability of GIS to manage, correlate, model, and share geographic information makes GIS a productive tool that helps

  • Integrate information from all aspects of port operations.
  • Manage environmental compliance and emergency response planning.
  • Provide a common operational picture of facilities, including security monitoring.
  • Improve port operations through more precise coordination.

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