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Mobile field crews use GIS to create an inventory of city assets including street signs, manholes, and light poles.
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Mobile GIS Powers the Municipal Workflow

With its ability to provide the precise and cost effective collection of geospatial data required by municipalities, mobile GIS has quickly become a critical component of their enterprise IT implementations.  Because remote data collection fits easily into its workflow, municipal governments and their public works departments have been early adopters of this powerful technology.  The use of mobile GIS in public works helps improve the quality and speed of data collection and stimulates the real-time collaboration between field and office staff.

Use mobile GIS in Public Works for:

  • Field Mapping Create, edit, and utilize GIS maps while in the field.
  • Asset Inventories Create and maintain an inventory of asset locations and attribute information.
  • Asset Maintenance Update asset location and condition and schedule maintenance.
  • Inspections Maintain digital records and locations of field assets for legal code compliance and ticketing.

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