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Parcel Data Model Book A to Z GIS: An Illustrated Dictionary of Geographic Information
A to Z GIS presents the most comprehensive collection of GIS terms and illustrations to help students, educators, and professionals understand and use the special language of GIS in research, field studies, and real-world applications.
GIS for Building and Managing Infrastructure Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, Second Edition
The second edition of this best-selling workbook revises existing material and adds new exercises based on ArcGIS Desktop 10.
Placing History book cover GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, Fourth Edition
This book is a step-by-step tutorial with assignments that teach you how to collect data, create maps, and perform spatial analysis. Updated for ArcGIS 10, this workbook demonstrates a range of GIS functionality, from querying interactive maps to running geoprocessing tools. Reader-friendly exercises make GIS Tutorial 1 the perfect choice for beginners.
Placing History book cover Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy
Unique in its approach, this book presents an introduction to geodesy influenced by GIS, remote sensing, and land surveying. Designed to provide an overview of the discipline, the book is divided into three sections that address basic concepts and tools, geometrical geodesy, and physical geodesy.


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