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Get connected with other GIS users in telecommunications to share ideas and information.

Telecommunications User Group (TelUG)

The Telecommunications User Group (TelUG) is a community of people dedicated to sharing information, ideas, and experiences about Esri technology in the telecommunications industry.

By joining TelUG, you benefit from intellectual collaboration with and personal inspiration of your peers. Discuss challenges about GIS in the telecommunications industry with your peers around the world, as well as Esri staff.

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Seminars and Webinars

Obtain useful tips and best practices from the TelUG Meeting Series.

Get GIS tips and industry best practices from TelUG Webinar Series.

Resource Center for Telecommunications

Visit the Resource Center for Telecommunications and take advantage of specialized templates, demos and online tools, and get connected to your community blog.

Online Community

Connect with your fellow community online and join the conversations.

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