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Traditional wireline telecommunication companies have seen increased competition from cable companies offering triple–play services. To stay successful in this new competitive environment, wireline providers need to increase the efficiency of their operations, engineering, and marketing efforts.

Featured Solutions

Overture GIS by ETI Software is the most original and innovative telecommunications solution on the market. Overture FMS, Overture GIS, and Overture Mobile are built on Esri’s full suite of development tools including ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, and ArcGIS Online.  Overture is a game changer that applies geospatial and database technology in new and creative ways to fundamentally improve how the telecommunications industry operates, rendering established business practices obsolete. Overture GIS is the only solution that integrates real-time subscriber data, plant management records, fiber and network element information, and workforce management into one easy-to-use, customizable platform. From mature, fully operational networks to greenfield deployments, Overture GIS provides invaluable tools that improve efficiency and effectiveness in every area of your operation. Overture GIS allows you to monitor, manage, and monetize the elements in your entire telecom footprint…through a single map view.

CrescentLink by Palmetto Engineering is a powerful yet super simple tool to manage fiber and copper networks in a map.

CrescentLink harnesses the power of the GIS industry's leading software solution, ArcGIS, to manage fiber trunk and distribution cables, buildings, poles, pedestals, hand holes, and homes. CrescentLink extends ArcGIS by tracking electronics, equipment, splitters, and individual fibers.

SunVizion Network Inventory by Suntech S.A. is a state-of-the-art, cost efficient and customer-proven solution which allows you to capture, store and manage all key data about your network infrastructure, configuration, status and performance. SunVizion Network Inventory correlates and analyzes this data and then feeds your business processes including customer care, order fulfilment or fault management with necessary information. It also provides you with advanced Business Intelligence solutions supporting your decision processes. SunVizion Network Inventory rather than just "documenting" your network it focuses on aggregating information from other OSS/BSS systems and network elements and utilizing this information to improve your operations, investments, sales and many other aspects of your business.

Network Engineer from Ericsson is a planning and engineering system that employs a geospatial representation to manage customers and network facilities. This system, which is part of the Planning and Engineering suite, provides value through efficiency in network build-out. Network Engineer includes a built-in geospatial work order manager; inside and outside plant design that matches real-world conditions; robust connectivity and tracing; an open and scalable environment; and configurable, model-driven design functionality.

NetDesigner from Enghouse Networks is complemented by the world’s leading Esri GIS platform and has been widely deployed by service providers that are building high speed fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the tower (FTTT), cable, copper and wireless LTE broadband networks.

Fiber Manager from Schneider Electric lets your organization map, design, report, plan, and manage its communications network using the same, up-to-date enterprise GIS that manages electric, gas, water, wastewater, conduit systems, and land base data.

3-GIS Web from 3-GIS is the world’s leading browser-based GIS. It combines the power of a full editing GIS with the ease of use of a web browser to deliver a simple yet powerful GIS solution. 3-GIS Web supports electric, gas, water, telecom and virtually any connected set of networks within an enterprise.

Service Suite from Ventyx provide end-to-end mobile workforce management, delivering integrated forecasting, scheduling, dispatch, mobile and reporting. The mobile workforce field applications transform the way field technicians process orders by taking business processes to the service site and allowing them to complete work on time, every time. These solutions in turn present managers with real-time field data they can trust, and visibility to their workforce progress and status. Reporting, analysis, scheduling, and even long-term planning can now be performed in real-time.

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