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3D visualization of contamination levels in ArcView

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst includes a variety of tools for Hydrologic Analysis. The groundwater tools can be used to perform simple 2D advection–dispersion modeling of groundwater flow and constituents in groundwater.

Specialized Tools

The Darcy Flow tool generates a groundwater flow field from hydrogeological data. The Particle Track tool follows the path of advection (movement) through the flow field from a point source, and the Porous Puff tool calculates the dispersion of a chemical or constituent as it is moved along the flow path. Additional tools include

  • Flow Accumulation
  • Flow Direction
  • Flow Length
  • Fill
  • Sink
  • Stream Link
  • Stream Order
  • Stream To Feature
  • Watershed

Learn more about Arc Hydro from the Center for Research in Water Resources (CRWR)

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