GIS for Water Resources

Watershed Management

Watershed delineation in Arc Hydro
GIS improves calculations for watershed characteristics, flow statistics, debris flow probability, and facilitates the watershed delineation by using Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). It provides a consistent method for watershed analysis using DEMs and standardized datasets such as land cover, soil properties, gauging station locations, and climate variables.

ArcGIS with Arc Hydro gives you the flexibility to combine watershed datasets from one map source with stream and river networks.

Use ArcGIS Spatial Analyst for hydrologic analysis such as calculating flow across an elevation surface, which provides the basis for creating stream networks and watersheds; calculating flow path length; and assigning stream orders.

You can seamlessly integrate geological and temporal data from multiple sources, including field data collection, using mobile GIS technology. Multiple users working in the field or in the office can create, edit, and manage raster catalogs in a geodatabase.

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