About Esri

About Esri


Exceptional Software

Esri develops geographic information systems (GIS) that function as an integral component in nearly every type of organization.

Financially Strong

Carefully managed growth and zero debt give Esri stability that is uncommon in today's highly volatile business world. Private ownership means no stockholders forcing short-term decisions at the expense of long-term objectives.

Professional Services

Esri offers project consulting and implementation services. These include knowledge transfer to help users deploy GIS on their own, customization of off-the-shelf GIS technology, and delivery of ready-to-use enterprise systems.


Esri collaborates with major technology leaders: Amazon Web Services, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SAS, and others. These relationships ensure product compatibility and provide users with a wide range of technology solutions.


Award-winning educational programs enable users to become productive immediately.

By the Numbers

  • 350,000 clients
  • 3,100 employees
  • 10 US offices
  • 80 distributors worldwide
  • 1,800+ partners

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