It Begins with You

In the face of an ever-changing world, connected landscapes are better equipped to survive than isolated environments. Using a green infrastructure approach to planning, decision-makers and the public work together to identify ways to prioritize and connect open spaces, watersheds, wildlife habitats, parks, and other natural areas that enrich and sustain a community's quality of life and sense of place.

Six Step Process to Green Infrastructure

The Green Infrastructure Center in Charlottesville, Virginia brings you a six-step process for creating green infrastructure plans and effectively implementing them in your area.

Set Your Goals

Are there particular assets and resources that your community values? Set goals that will improve your specific community's quality of life.

Review Data

Assemble and review all existing data for your local area. Combine local and regional data to connect to the larger national network.

Map Your Ecological and Cultural Assets

Once you have assembled all the existing data and collected additional data, it is time to create a natural assets map.

Risk Assessment

Once you have created your natural assets map, it is time to assess the assets most at risk. Which areas are zoned for development, and do they overlap key natural assets?

Rank Your Assets and Determine Opportunities

Given your objectives and goals, are there risks that need to be addressed more quickly than others? What action should be taken to avoid future risks?

Implement Opportunities

Based on how you have ranked the key natural assets in your area and which assets are at risk, you may need to implement new projects, policies, or zoning laws to ensure that your objectives are met.

Start Building Your Green Infrastructure Strategy

Leverage the Green Infrastructure Center models, today.

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Organizations across the country are supporting the initiative to prioritize and connect a national network of green infrastructure.

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