About Esri

About Esri

Esri Supports Education

Developing spatial literacy is crucial to making good decisions that affect global health and community life.

Esri has long supported the widespread use of GIS in classrooms and research labs around the world. We offer software at deep discounts and actively help local, regional, and global organizations create GIS education programs. Students and faculty alike use GIS to build knowledge and solve problems in over a hundred different fields.

Mentors for Youth Groups

Youth clubs work on valuable community service projects using GIS. These projects help build lifelong skills while addressing key short-term community challenges.

Esri and National Geographic have created the GeoMentor program to support GIS professionals who want to help schools and clubs learn about GIS.

Esri GIS is also used in public libraries, museums, zoos, and other institutions to support continued learning.

Primary education

Primary Education

4-H GIS Program

4-H GIS Program

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