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Browse websites that feature applications created with Esri ArcGIS Server.

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Larimer County Landscape & Imagery Explorer  [site]

This Larimer County Enterprise GIS website allows the user to visualize the county landscape via aerial imagery 1999-2009, USGS Quads, DEM and basemap data. It is built on Adobe Flex/ArcGIS Server technology.

Hudson Bay Beluga Project  [site]

The Pew Environment Group’s Oceans North Canada campaign, in collaboration with Canadian partners, is conducting a three-year study on the western Hudson Bay population of beluga whales. This map shows the tracking data for six belugas tagged with satellite transmitters.

Porirua Public Information Map  [site]

Porirua City Council's public information map.

Coconino County Parcel Viewer  [site]

This Silverlight application was developed for Coconino County residents to view and access county tax parcel information. There are multiple search options, and information related to zoning, districts, and recent sales.

GoRamsey Park and Recreation Portal  [site]

This award-winning mapping portal, is designed to make it easier for residents to discover and explore recreational amenities in Ramsey County, MN. The application was developed by Houston Engineering, Inc using the Silverlight API.

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