Transform the way you engage and collaborate with your community. Identify key priorities such as homelessness, transit mobility, or downtown revitalization. Then, use ArcGIS Hub to manage the content and share related data.

Ready-to-Use Initiatives

Each ready-to-use initiative includes content and apps designed to inform and engage the community on your chosen issue.

Initiative Websites

ArcGIS Hub provides attractive default layouts that automatically inherit the look and feel of your organization's brand, saving you time and money.

Create Your Own

Not finding the right template? You can create your own custom initiative with the initiative builder tool.

Open Data

Make open data work for you. Use ArcGIS Hub to combine your open data with Esri demographics and data from the Living Atlas of the World. You will enhance your analysis and give context to your projects.

Share Data

Pick and choose the exact information you want to share with your community.

Open Data

Unlock the potential of open data when you add it to your community data and powerful demographic data from Esri.

Infographic Reports

Support initiatives with infographics that you can share with community participants.

Curated Policy Maps

Each initiative comes with maps designed to help your community members understand data related to current policy issues.

Hub Apps

ArcGIS Hub includes special ready-to-configure applications and tools that encourage community engagement.


Tailor and embed surveys into initiative web pages to capture community feedback.


Measure initiative performance with a 24/7 eye on your city.

Where's The Money? App

Show where funding dollars are flowing.
(Coming soon.)

What's Around Me? App

Citizens can discover nearby services.
(Coming soon.)


Use ArcGIS Hub to create an event such as a town hall meeting, hackathon or meetup. Organize the content, people, and calls to action around your community initiatives.

Sign Up for Events

Community members can sign up to attend and stay in contact with events.

Keep Records

Keep a record of each event and its attendees.

Stay in Touch

Continue to communicate with event attendees on follow-up actions, initiative progress, or the next event.

Citizen Participants and Collaborators

Spur participation in your community. ArcGIS Hub is a two-way platform between government and citizens that invites the community to contribute to initiatives.

Easy to Join

Community members can create accounts in their city’s hub using social media logins (e.g. their Facebook or Google login credentials).


Citizens can choose to “follow” initiatives for notifications about the latest data, events, progress, and achievements.

True Participation

Citizens can create, save, and share maps and analyses.

Initiative Team Management

Form teams and manage people who can analyze or contribute data to your initiative.

Internal Staff

Overcome silos and connect data and expertise among your internal teams.

Discover Contributors

Internal staff can view initiatives and express interest in joining a team.

Bring Them All Together

ArcGIS Hub provides a place to create and publish the work done by internal and external teams.

Community Engagement Dashboards

Measure how well you are reaching your community and continually fine-tune your approach.

Track Engagement

Measure how well you are reaching the community.

Improve Decision-Making

ArcGIS Hub gives insights into your smart community and continually validates your decisions as a city.

Showcase Achievements

Keep a 24/7 eye on your initiatives to identify successes and share results using story maps, dashboards, and infographic reports.

Be an Innovation Leader

Talk to an Esri expert to see how you can create a smarter, more engaged community with ArcGIS Hub.

Get Started Today

If you are outside the United States, please contact your local Esri office.