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Two years ago I connected with Esri through a temp agency. My background was in office management so the opportunity to join Esri as an Administrative Assistant seemed like a good fit. And although I was from the area, I was not familiar with Esri, so I started to do some reading. As I learned more about the company I got really excited about working here.

I work with dynamic and interesting people. We have over 200 staff in Educational Services including those who develop content for Esri courses, deliver Esri training, or otherwise provide support services for our customers. I get to work with a lot of people. I talk with the managers on a daily basis and ensure that the instructors and technology staff have what they need to do their work. It is important to me to get out and talk one-on-one with staff to make that personal connection and so that I better understand what it is they need.

The atmosphere is relaxed. The people who work here want to be here, and they want to work. When I see our team members, even when they are just walking around, they are talking about work. They are involved. The atmosphere is laid back, but people are serious about what they do.


Administrative Assistant

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