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Before joining Esri in 2007, I worked for HP in Ontario (California) in the manufacturing and operations department. When operations were moved mostly overseas, I started looking for other employers that were relatively stable and seemed to have staying power. That's when I found out about Esri. I did some research and found out that it is very carefully managing its growth and is financially stable, so I made a point of reaching out and meeting its recruiters at a job fair.

My role is a combination of warehouse clerk and receiving clerk, mixed with special projects my managers give me. For example, I've had a chance to work on process improvements — everything from OSHA compliance to reviewing procedures to see if there are ways to save money and time and provide better service.

I work on a daily basis with people in several other departments — Accounting, Purchasing, IST, and the Design Center, as well as the various groups within Operations. I've had a chance to meet and interact professionally and personally with many different people, and it's given me a much broader perspective and a chance to see things from a higher level. It allows me to see the benefits of doing a good job.

The corporate culture at Esri is different from other places I've worked. As Jack (Dangermond, president) drives home, we are doing important work because we are helping the people who are addressing the world's problems. My job is not customer facing, by and large — our customers are internal employees — but they are very important to us. There is that same sense of accomplishment in the fact that we are helping — not only helping the company but also helping the city, the community, and the world at large in our own way. That is very satisfying.

I'm working with truly brilliant people. After being here a short time and seeing the level of education, accomplishment, and intelligence here, I was inspired to go back to school. I took advantage of the tuition assistance program to complete my associate's degree, and I was selected for an Esri fellowship in 2010 that is allowing me to obtain a bachelor of science in business.

Redlands is a town that in a lot of ways shares some of Jack's ideals and his focus on philanthropy and making a beautiful place. I eventually moved here, specifically because of the company. And not just because I wanted to live close to work, although that's pretty great, too.

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Corporate Receiving Clerk

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