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I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and while attending university I carried out a one year internship in Helsinki, Finland. During this period, I realized I loved developing using web languages and thrived living in new surroundings. When I returned to Scotland, I continued with my education and started my own business doing freelance web development.

After completing my master's in Advanced Computer Science at Strathclyde University in Scotland, I searched for that special field where I could focus my web skills. My goal was to find a job that would be more rewarding than general website development. When I came across Esri, I immediately knew it would be a perfect fit. I remember my interview vividly and the great feeling I had when I was told I would contribute to a big community that often uses the software for big global scale applications.

I’m now part of the ArcGIS for Server team, working on ArcGIS Server Manager, a JavaScript-based web application used by ArcGIS for Server administrators to manage their organizations’ GIS servers and services. My role is focused on adding new features, improving quality, and optimizing the user experience of the application. While the front-end team for the Server Manager application is small, I get to work closely with the much larger back end server team. I am encouraged to be creative and recently had the idea to implement a search feature to improve the usability of the application. After discussion, development, and testing, this feature is now being introduced into the next release of ArcGIS for Server, which is very exciting.

The best thing about working here for me is the fact that Esri really pushes the latest technologies, frameworks, and web application development. Since joining Esri, I have learned so much. I am now using the same Dojo framework I learned at work on a personal research project at home. The project combines Raspberry Pi, a bunch of radio frequency tools, and a JavaScript front end to create a home automation system. I can talk about it with coworkers who are genuinely interested in the project, and that collaboration makes the end result even better.

There are so many people at Esri from diverse backgrounds and they're all specialized in different areas. It's great to be working with people who are experts in a variety of programming languages and GIS. It’s very satisfying knowing that you have a contributing part in this story and know what you're doing is being used for many positive purposes, by so many people and by so many organizations around the world.

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