Meet Jeovanny

I joined Esri in 2005 as a communications technician and was one of the "faces" of the team-delivering phones for new employees, activating the connection for their computer, and ensuring they were connected and ready to work.

I was promoted to a communications administrator in 2011 and now I'm responsible for maintaining our current infrastructure. I'm more involved with overall implementation and where Esri's communication systems are going in the next three to five years. I'm also starting to focus more on the networking piece because it's an area that really interests me.

I work closely with colleagues in several groups, such as Telesales and Customer Service, to help enhance the experience for our customers when they call in for support. My team also plays a pivotal role in various Esri conferences. We collaborate with Events Marketing to discuss logistics, networking, and voice requirements and ensure their needs are met.

I constantly have to keep learning because technology rapidly changes. As new technology emerges, our managers encourage us to familiarize ourselves with it and they send us to training to learn about it. Education is important within the organization; using the tuition reimbursement Esri provides I went back to school to get my bachelor's degree in communication management.

Technical skills are important, but you also need the drive to continually learn new technologies and expand your knowledge. That's what it takes to be successful here.

The biggest satisfaction with my job is I'm not limited to just one area of a project. I do everything from A to Z. To this day, I haven't had the same work day repeat itself. Every day is different and presents new opportunities to learn, contribute, and thrive.

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Communications Administrator

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