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Before I came to Esri in 2010, I had been in the oil and gas industry for nearly 15 years but had little to no experience utilizing my degree in environmental chemistry. I was working at Deloitte when I saw a column in ArcNews advertising for an environmental petroleum account executive. I thought, "What an interesting opportunity to actually utilize my experience and marry that with my education."

I was familiar with Esri technology before joining the staff. While at Deloitte in Houston, a hurricane came through and they invoked their emergency response system. What I realized is that companies struggle with the ability to know where their employees are and how to track them to provide valuable assistance during a crisis. Based on that understanding, I developed a business continuity management plan that utilizes Esri technology to enable energy companies to manage their people, assets, and the potential impact of an incident on the environment. When I came to Esri, my manager wanted me to build further on this idea. As a result, we've developed a health, safety, and environmental plan for the energy industry that uses Esri GIS as the umbrella technology to plan and manage critical information and provide complete corporate visibility during an emergency response.

I believe we're defining a standard for environmental and emergency response that didn't exist before. Not only can we help enhance the safety of oil and gas practitioners, we're also actually supporting environmental initiatives by providing the valuable technology required to successfully plan for and respond to potential community impacts. As an account executive, one of the things that is really interesting to me is that at Esri, we get invited to participate in an organization's internal meetings because of our reputation. Esri has the brand recognition, and there is an understanding in the industry that we are leaders at what we do. That's pretty exciting to me.

I think what Esri is really fantastic at doing is being innovative, not only in the technology but also in its ideas within the industry. Esri technology continues to grow and, as a result, is expanding into new areas, which is exciting to both current and potential clients; we are presenting new standards to industries.

I've been at other big companies that expected a lot out of their employees. Esri does as well, but Esri realizes the importance of family. The company values me as a person and my outside activities, and that brings balance and flexibility to the work environment.

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Senior Account Executive

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