Meet Michelle

I’m a buyer in Esri’s Purchasing Department. We buy everything from coffee to hardware, as well as procure space for Esri events. I help make sure Esri headquarters, Esri regional offices, and our international offices have the equipment and resources they need. Our work affects all Esri employees, who we consider to be our internal customers. Helping them succeed is my top priority.

The Purchasing Department is an integral part of Esri’s supply chain. We constantly look at industry best practices to make strategic sourcing decisions. This sometimes requires a buyer to act more like a project manager. When we shop for a product or service, we do our homework by researching alternatives and working with internal customers to ensure a product meets their satisfaction. For large purchases that affect the entire company, the Purchasing Department takes part in sourcing initiatives to select the vendor that provides the best price and value balance.

As a buyer I add value to Esri. In Purchasing we may not be creating the latest and greatest ArcGIS apps, but our efforts help everyone bring their best work to the forefront. This involves fiscal responsibility, good negotiation skills, building mutually beneficial relationships with vendors, and providing excellent customer service. These are just a few of the ways I help Esri lead the way in GIS.

A great buyer needs to have a passion for working with others and a mind geared towards constantly improving processes and systems. Efficiency and customer satisfaction are some of our most important goals. I am happy to work with fellow employees to get the tools they need because it makes us all stronger, both individually and as a company.


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