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My role at Esri is to support our Educational Services Division with staffing and general human resource needs. I also manage the recruiter for our Support Services team, an HR coordinator, and our HR support staff.

Before joining Esri in 2006, I was a staffing manager for Citigroup in Rancho Cucamonga, California. My career evolved over a 20-year span with Sears and Citigroup. During that time, I was a trainer and human resource generalist/ supervisor prior to my position as the staffing manager. I oversaw the recruiting and staffing efforts for collections, customer service, administrative support, and a few specialty groups.

I heard about Esri at a local job fair. I saw it was looking for a technical recruiter but didn't think it was the position for me since I didn't have a software/IT background. After talking with the recruiter a little further, I decided to apply. Esri's location, reputation, and benefits package were all very appealing.

One of the great things about Esri is that they see you work hard and truly value you as an employee and a contributor. I came to Esri wanting to focus on being a recruiter, but within the first eight months, my role changed and I was given additional responsibility. I became part of the senior HR team within my first year.

I also appreciate that we are given many opportunities to share ideas and have them implemented. Because I have a solid HR background, I'm able to offer suggestions on ways we can do things a little differently. People here are open-minded and willing to listen.

When I first started at Esri, I was impressed by the knowledge-based workforce and how much emphasis there is on education. Employees are encouraged to continue learning, whether it's through formal education or advancing skills through their job. I also realized right away that this is an organization where others have a work ethic similar to mine.

My colleagues in HR and I have a good understanding of what we all do and how we can help each other. Even though we recruit for different divisions within the company, we are able to collaborate and see the common thread, whether it's determining the best fit for a candidate, establishing new processes, or resolving issues. Collaboration is the key.


Senior Human Resource Generalist

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