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I was working in graphic design in the Los Angeles area before joining Esri in 2000. The company I worked for was small, and I really wanted to be with other creative designers. I knew nothing about Esri or the Redlands area before I applied for a presentation designer position.

Our Design Center has grown to a staff of about 40 people; I'm on the publications team. I think my first project when I started was a simple flyer, but I was very excited because it was a totally new environment for me. Today, I work on industry newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and agendas, and I'm mentoring new designers to work on some of these materials too. I also work on special projects, for example, designing displays for our annual User Conference. I also designed a map-patterned cushion that was used at a recent Esri conference.

What I like best about working at Esri is it's very team oriented. Each person helps each other without having to be asked. That's the great thing in this department. I really love the collaboration and willingness to help.

One of the most important skills needed to work in the Design Center is the ability to multitask and work on several projects at the same time. That may sound challenging, but I see it as expanding my communication, creativity, and decision-making skills. It makes me stronger both personally and professionally.

Esri supports my ongoing education goals. I'm working on my second master's degree, and the managers and team leaders have been supportive. Even though it's in fine art, it reinforces skills such as critical thinking and being able to have a different perspective. That really opens up a new kind of style in this department.

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Senior Graphic Designer

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