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I learned about Esri while obtaining my MBA at the University of California, Riverside in 2006. One of the requirements was to complete an internship, and we were given a list of nearby companies that offered finance and accounting positions. I decided to learn more about Esri, then applied for an internship and was selected. After completing my MBA the following year, I became a full-time financial analyst and was promoted to a senior position in 2011.

Financial analysts prepare and analyze corporate financial statements, financial data, and a variety of internal management reports such as expense and revenue analysis, cash forecast, international distributor analysis, capital expenditures, and variance analysis. I have a lot of interaction with managers and directors in different groups, as well as Esri's international distributors, by providing analyses and reports for them. I'm also involved in preparing and presenting Esri’s corporate plan.

What I like about Esri is the culture of the company. There's a good balance of being unstructured yet collaborative and professional. We all perform our jobs in an efficient, professional way, but the dress code permits jeans, and we're on a first-name basis with our bosses. As a result, this creates a casual working environment versus a strict corporate hierarchy.

My work is rewarding because I'm helping other departments. I enjoy being able to provide them with information that helps them make good business decisions. I also appreciate that my responsibilities are not the same day to day. The environment is fast paced and very dynamic, and new projects come up all the time.

Esri invests in its employees. The company wants you to reach your potential and be the best employee you can be. When I speak with students at recruiting events, I tell them that when you work at Esri, it's not a job, it's a career. You'll be rewarded for as much effort as you put in, and you have the opportunity to work with and become friends with a variety of great people in the process.

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Senior Financial Analyst

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