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Before coming to Esri I was working for a market research firm in Washington, DC, advising clients on how to improve their brands. When I first heard about this position, I wasn’t familiar with Esri so I looked at its website. It was then I realized I’d been using Esri maps in presentations since college.

I work with colleagues in Marketing on building customer surveys and I also do a lot of one-off projects, such as analyzing what impact direct mail has on people registering for and attending our events. I also create surveys that test various pages of to figure out what experience someone has on the page—if they find it appealing and whether the information is clear. That's more in line with my background as a researcher—looking at a creative or a concept and testing it, then reviewing the data to see if there are trends.

A big part of my role is problem solving. Someone comes to me with a question about an Esri event or a marketing campaign because they want to see how it might be improved. I work with our data team to pull the data, synthesize it, and then make a recommendation based on my analysis.

There is always something new going on in my job. If I have an idea, I'm not going to be discouraged from trying it. That’s one thing I value a lot—being able to test the limits of how research is looked at and figuring out ways to do it differently that might improve it. I feel I’m able to spread my wings and really think through how I want to approach a project.

Coming from an industry that was extremely stressful, I find there is definitely a much better work–life balance here. That's one thing I appreciate about working at Esri, and it keeps me motivated.

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Market Research Analyst

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