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While I was going to school for my degree in marketing, I used ArcGIS during an internship at the City of Fontana (California). After graduating, I got a job doing search engine optimization (SEO) for an agency that represented car dealerships across the country. I was there about two and a half years, and then I saw the Esri posting on a job board. When I started researching the position, I realized it was the same company that made ArcGIS. I applied and was excited to get a call from an Esri recruiter. I joined the staff in August 2009.

My position is a good mix of marketing and technology. I enjoy the creative aspect of marketing, and I also like to be challenged by the technical aspects of the job.

There are two key areas of responsibility in my role. On the SEO side, I'm in charge of optimizing the web pages to show up higher in the organic search rankings, which means the nonpaid listings in search engines. I work with product and industry managers to ensure that we're targeting the right keywords and that we're using those phrases on the pages we want to show up when someone does a search. On the search engine marketing (SEM) side, I work with the content owners to determine what they want to accomplish with a campaign and then set it up, adding keywords, creating the text ads, and working with a graphic designer on the landing page where we're going to send people once they click on one of our ads. At any given time, I'm analyzing and monitoring somewhere between 8 and 12 campaigns for SEM and hundreds of web pages, not tied to a campaign, for SEO.

What's rewarding for me is seeing a page show up in an organic search that wasn't there before, or appearing high in a search when it had been ranking low. Similarly, on the SEM side of things, you can tie the numbers and results a little more directly to your campaign, for example how many people click through. At the end of the day, being able to see the results like that is what makes me feel like I'm contributing and doing work that means something.

Esri provides the kind of environment where you can collaborate and communicate with one another on different projects. Everyone is very knowledgeable about what they do here, so it's fun to work with people who love what they're doing and who are good at it. And I think it's really cool working for a company that does good things in the world, and one that's still run by the people who founded it (Jack and Laura Dangermond). Esri is unique; I don't think there's another company out there quite like it.

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SEO-SEM Specialist

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