Data and Maps content is preconfigured to work with ArcGIS products and provided at no additional cost for ArcGIS users.

Data and Maps for ArcGIS includes

Data and Maps for ArcGIS

A set of ready-to-use maps and data layers, including a variety of basemap and thematic layers for the world with scale-dependent rendering and labeling and the ability to turn layers on and off.

Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Over 130 pre-symbolized and pre-authored vector data layers and detailed metadata for North America, Europe, and the world.

Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Updated data such as United States ZIP Codes and World Administrative Boundaries, built using source data from TomTom and DeLorme.

Layers from ArcGIS Online

Download the latest versions of layers as layer packages through the Data and Maps group. These layers are updated as new source data is available. Many of these layers are also available as ready-to-use services through the Living Atlas of the World.


Layer Collections from My Esri

Data and Maps for ArcGIS are also available as part of the ArcGIS electronic software delivery (ESD) through My Esri. If you require Data and Maps for ArcGIS delivered on DVD, please e-mail Customer Service.

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