Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Data and Maps for ArcGIS

Data and Maps for ArcGIS includes

  • A set of ready-to-use maps and data layers, including a variety of basemap and thematic layers for the world with scale-dependent rendering and labeling and the ability to turn layers on and off.
  • Over 130 pre-symbolized and pre-authored vector data layers and detailed metadata for North America, Europe, and the world.
  • Updated data such as the 2010 U.S. Census datasets and new datasets including the debut of World Countries and first order World Administrative Area datasets using detailed source data from DeLorme® mapping company.
  • A web-based Help document on the DVD that includes the Redistribution Rights information for each dataset.  Many users want to redistribute or showcase their work to others in a variety of ways, and the redistribution rights information will assist the user in this process.

All datasets provided on the Data and Maps for ArcGIS DVD are designed to be ready to use.  To help you quickly get started, Map document (.mxd) and group layer (.lyr) files are included for all geographic areas, providing you with access to pre-symbolized and pre-rendered maps.

The datasets follow the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standard and contain ISO 19115-compliant metadata. Data is provided in Esri’s compressed, direct-read, high-performance Smart Data Compression (SDC) format.

For more information, visit ArcGIS 10.1 Help—What is Data and Maps for ArcGIS or read the Data and Maps for ArcGIS 10 White Paper [PDF].

Download Data and Maps for ArcGIS from ArcGIS Online

Get the latest updates to Data and Maps right now by downloading a collection of layer packages through the Data and Maps for ArcGIS Group on ArcGIS Online.

U.S. National Atlas Federal and Indian Land Areas

U.S. National Atlas Federal and Indian Land Areas.

World Topography and Bathymetry

World Topography and Bathymetry.

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