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Traffic Counts

Are traffic patterns in your area helping or hindering your business and community?

Esri's Traffic Counts data tracks peak and low traffic volume by the number of vehicles that cross a certain point of a street location. Updated quarterly, the Traffic Counts database contains more than one million points across the US.

Traffic Count data variables include average daily traffic volume, current and previous count type, and cross street direction and distance.

You Can Use Traffic Counts Data to

  • Identify the best location for your business based on traffic patterns.
  • Analyze how traffic may impact store construction.
  • Schedule staff hours according to peak periods of traffic.
  • Identify how traffic growth and decline might impact a potential site.

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Esri Data is available for the US only. Contact your local Esri distributor to find out what data is available in your region.

Counts by Day around 10 Avery St., Boston, Massachusetts

Daily Traffic Counts Around 10 Avery St., Boston, Massachusetts

Esri Data in Action

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Advanced Analytics

Traffic Counts data can be seamlessly integrated with Esri Business Analyst Desktop to perform advanced marketing analyses.

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