Data Accuracy

Your business and agency decisions are only as good as the data behind them. Inaccurate data can adversely impact your decisions, actions—and your bottom line. Does data accuracy really matter? Yes, it does. For example, using inaccurate data could:

  • Retail/Real Estate: Cost a store $100,000 + by locating in the wrong area.
  • Healthcare: Miss vulnerable people and waste vaccines.
  • Public Safety: Overlook special needs populations.
  • Insurance: Ignore policyholders after a disaster.

Data Vendor Study

To prove the importance of accuracy, Esri commissioned a blind, independent study to provide an unbiased answer to data accuracy:

  • A complete study of the entire US at 4 geography levels was conducted by 4 credentialed researchers, experts in small area forecasts and measures of forecast accuracy.
  • Data from each of 5 major data vendors, including Esri, was benchmarked against results from Census 2010. Identities of the other 4 vendors are not revealed. Read the excerpted study.

The results are in… Esri's Data is #1

Precision scores for each data vendor by geography.
This chart illustrates Precision scores for each data vendor by geography. The lowest score indicates the most precise data—the highest accuracy.

Accuracy Study Maps

These maps of the US by county illustrate the Household Absolute Percent Error, and were created with the Household variable from each of the 5 vendors. The disparity in accuracy is clearly visible for easy comparison.

Vendor 1

Vendor 2 (Esri)

Vendor 3

Vendor 4

Vendor 5