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Esri Map Book

A Letter from Jack Dangermond

GIS professionals from a diversity of disciplines, as well as GIS educators and students, created the selections in this digital version of Esri Map Book Volume 32. These outstanding maps demonstrate the broad reach of GIS in meeting significant global challenges and issues such as climate change, food production, loss of biodiversity, natural disasters, and civic engagement. Many of these maps are part of intuitive, interactive, and engaging apps that help organizations integrate their data and streamline their processes.

Esri is committed to supporting GIS practitioners with useful technology that expands their capabilities. More and more users rely on shared data and present their work through captivating story maps and 3D imagery. Maps and apps in this book illustrate how geospatial technology has evolved into a complete Web GIS platform that offers real-time data analysis and mobile device accessibility.

We are also committed to K-12 GIS education, and I am delighted that this book includes maps by high school students addressing environmental issues. I congratulate all the Map Book contributors whose heroic work is about planning, designing, and creating a more sustainable future for a smarter world.

Warm regards,

Jack Dangermond

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